Hiking, Biking, Beaches, Sports, Walks or just looking out your kitchen window, Weston’s unspoiled nature has it all


Compared to neighboring towns in Fairfield and Westchester counties the natural beauty in Weston is amazing.

Hiking, biking, trails, sledding, beaches, tennis, organized sports, or just a walk, Weston is truly unspoiled nature minutes from shopping and entertainment.


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Miles of trails and preserves for you to explore at any pace you like

Beaches and Lakes

Beautiful beaches and lakes are minutes away for a day in the sun or just a walk

Fly Fishing

We have some of the best in the country within minutes

Organized Sports

Little League Baseball, Soccer, Races, Swimming, Tennis and many more


Miles of walking trails for you to explore at any pace you like


A ball game, walk or picnic, explore our parks


Stroll the beautiful and unspoiled nature

Clubs and Golf

Several private clubs are close by for golf and tennis

Experience nature and enjoy the outdoors The Weston Way